Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rachelle Edwards:The Smithfield Bargain

August 1981 saw the publication by Fawcett of Rachelle Edwards's book, The Smithfield Bargain. Annabel Haygarth is unjustly dismissed from her governess position and immediately becomes involved in a scheme with the daughter of the house to help her run away to be married. She then meets Lord Cranbourne and falls in love with her friend's fiance!

Allan Kass illustrates our Georgian couple in a dark forest. Our hero wears a tricorn hat decorated with a red cockade and a red overcoat over his red dress coat. Our heroine is young and pretty in her pink dress and purple cloak. Her long, unbound hair gives her the illusion of youth. I like the lace details, which was common in the dress of that period. It's a dramatic scene of confronting a villain and another melodramatic book that falls under the Coventry regency line!

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