Monday, June 14, 2010

Diana Douglas: Surgical Nurse

Surgical Nurse is the last Allan Kass illustrated book that I have by Diana Douglas. If you think you may have one, please contact me.

July 1975 is the date of this book and the story is about Toni Goddard, whose fiance died 3 years earlier. She has no use for men until she meets Dr. Dick Lane and joins his surgical team. Can a famous surgeon fall in love with a pretty nurse?

Allan Kass illustrates our couple inside a pretty room and our heroine is arranging some flowers when our hero arrives. She is dressed in her uniform and he is casual in a dress shirt and jacket over his shoulder. I like the cool calmness of the room and wonder if it is in the hospital?

I hope you have enjoyed these nurse romances illustrated by Allan! I think they are wonderful and I like seeing the difference from his regency covers. He was such a gifted artist and I'm still hunting for more of his work!

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